Human Resources Information System



Madison County utilizes Paycom as our Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

Paycom is a completely web-based product that offers a more robust solution for everyone!  Our goal is standardize and centralize as many Human Resource procedures as possible and make the employee relations as smooth and simple as possible for both employees and managers.

Some of the highlights of the HRIS include:

  • 24/7 employee self-service availability, including access from home via any device with an internet connection.  To access the Paycom Portal click here.
  • 24/7 Manager on-the-go availability, including access to Leave Requests, Punch Change Requests, and Time sheet Approvals.
  • Employees can View and Print Pay Stubs anytime from work, home, or through an app (click here for details)!
  • Direct Deposit changes can be made at any time.  It is important to verify your account information prior to submitting.
  • Accurate and transparent time keeping with web time clocks.
  • View accrual balances and make time-off requests.
  • Initiate changes to your Federal and State tax withholdings.
  • Make informed decisions regarding benefit selections and make qualifying event changes online.
  • Get net pay projections (can see how a benefit deduction change will affect their net take home pay).
  • Make changes to voluntary benefits such as 457(b), Health Savings Account, and IMRF Voluntary Contributions (VAC).
  • View total compensation and benefit reports.


Manager on-the-go setup
Punch Change Request with Employee Self Service
Punch Change Request with Paycom App
Biometric Time clock Policy