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Madison County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) recognizes that giving up a family pet is never an easy decision, but we know that sometimes it may feel like you have no other option. Since our primary mission is to serve the lost and homeless pets of Madison County, we allow residents of the county to surrender their pets to the shelter by appointment only.

Appointment availability is determined by several factors including existing kennel space and other special circumstances. Please Note: A separate appointment is required for each individual animal.

To better help you during this difficult time, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources and available alternatives to surrendering your pet to MCACC. Before scheduling an appointment with us, please review the options below to help you determine the best choice for your situation.

Learn more below about alternatives to surrendering including other re-homing options. Find out more options here.

Surrender Fees Surrender Fees

If after reviewing the alternative resources, you determine that surrendering your pet to MCACC is the best decision for you, there is a $25 surrender fee per dog and a $15 per cat, which is collected at the time of your appointment.

Before Surrendering Before Surrendering

We know that sometimes it’s just not possible to keep a pet but before surrendering, please consider all your options. Learn more below about alternatives to surrendering including other re-homing options.

Schedule a Surrender Appointment

Schedule a Surrender Appointment
If you are ready to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet to MCACC. Call 618-296-4950 to schedule an appointment.

Reminder: MCACC does not accept surrendered pets without a scheduled appointment. 
For additional questions or more information, call 618-296-4950