Animal Care and Control

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January 2023

You must have an appointment to bring us an animal!!

Madison County Animal Care and Control is still practicing daily operations due to COVID-19, to ensure the public's safety.  Madison County Animal Care and Control will continue with the below policies/procedures.

  • Municipalities MUST make scheduled appointments when bringing in animals to Madison County Animal Care and Control.
  • If an owner wants to turn in their animal we would ask them to contact Madison County Animal Care and Control prior to turn in their animal.
  • Animals brought in by the public must make appointments when bringing in stray animals.
  • Individuals wanting to make appointments for Euthanasia MUST schedule an appointment by 3pm Monday-Friday.
  • Owner Turn Ins will continue to be limited and will depend on space in the facility and what strays are coming in. If an owner does turn in an animal they will be required to make a scheduled appointment with an animal control officer.

Tag Office:

The tag office will continue to be open to the public through email and mail payment options. At this time we will not be allowing anyone to come into the office to make a payment due to the safety of our staff and continuing to reduce the number of individuals in the building.

Instructions for Madison County Registration click here to get more information on fees and contacts.

These new procedures will help us continue to ensure the safety of our staff and officers and continue to keep the public safe during these uncertain times.


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