Fraud & Abuse Hotline

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Fraud & Abuse Hotline

As County Auditor, I have vowed to act as a watchdog for the taxpayers of the County to ensure the use of your tax dollars in a fiscally responsible manner.   As such, any fraud, waste or abuse of your tax dollar is unacceptable.

An anonymous avenue for reporting fraud, waste or abuse has been implemented utilizing an independent reporting service called The Network.  This program is focused on reaching the employees of the County and asking them to be the key to a positive, productive and ethical workplace.

Individuals can report concerns via telephone at 877-452-3574
or online at 
 MadisonCountyIL or

In accordance with the Office of the Madison County Auditor, detailed information received pursuant to a report of fraud, waste or abuse or any ongoing investigation thereof shall be considered workpapers of the Office and shall be confidential.  Individuals should know however, that such information may become known during the course of any investigation or as required by law.  Whether you report anonymously or not, the County Auditor's Office will treat your report confidentially.