Seven steps to appeal an Assessment (other than farm/coal) 

  1. Determine the fair market value of the property
  2. Determine the prevailing level of assessment in your district
  3. Obtain the assessed value of the property
  4. Discuss and review the assessment with the local assessing official
  5. Determine the basis of the appeal (market value/equity)
  6. File a written complaint with the board of review, using the prescribed forms according to their rules along with your evidence of unfair assessment.
  7. If unsuccessful, appeal the decision to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

A.  Reasons for an appeal

  1. The market value estimated by the assessor is higher than the actual market value.
  2. The assessed value is at a higher percentage of fair cash value than comparable properties in the same class and/or jurisdiction.
  3. The assessment is based on incorrect information such as an incorrect legal description or acreage; or incorrect data was used in calculating the assessment. If so, a certificate of error MAY be able to be issued when the tax bill is received.

B. Evidence to be used

To support your claim of unfair assessment, you will need evidence to support that claim. Testimony as to the taxes being excessive is not allowed. Pertinent evidence for non- farm property could include some or all of the following: 

  1. A copy of the Real Estate Transfer Declaration, deed, and/or closing statement.
  2. A recent appraisal, written in conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
  3. A list of recent sales of comparable properties with copies of the property record cards and photographs of the comparables.
  4. Photographs of any elements that may contribute to any loss in value. (physical deterioration and/or forces outside the property boundaries).
  5. List and photos, with property record cards with their assessed values of comparable properties assessed less than the subject property.

C.  Informal Appeal 

If you contact the local assessing official while he/she still has the assessment books, they may be able to correct the problem without going to a formal appeal.  Regardless, it is a good idea to meet with the local official and at least have them explain how the assessment was calculated.

D. Follow the rules and guidelines, using the correct, up to date forms.

E.  Have witnesses ready to testify at the hearing. They may include Property owner or manager; Appraiser, Accountant or Corporate Finance Officer.

F.  If you have any questions regarding the filing process, please contact our office at the information below. You may mail the appeal to our office but MUST be post marked no later than 30 days from the publication date for that particular township:

Madison County Board of Review
157 N. Main St., Suite 222
Edwardsville Illinois 62025 
(618) 692-6210

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