Farmland Assessment Review Committee

The Madison County Farmland Review Committee consists of 5 members: 

  • Chief County Assessment Officer
  • A member appointed by the Madison County Board of Review Chair
  • 3 Farmers appointed by the Chairman of the Madison County Board
Members of the Madison County Farmland Review Committee as follows:

                                             Denise I. Shores (CCAO), Chairman
                                             Phillip Taylor (BOR Chair), Member
                                             Robert Meyer, Farmer
                                             Jay Rensing, Farmer

                                             Kurt Johnson, Farmer

Statutory Responsibilities (35 ILCS 200/10-120):
The County Farmland Assessment Review Committee is established by the Illinois Property Tax Code for the purpose of advising the Chief County Assessment Officer on the interpretation and application of the State-certified farmland values and implementation of farmland assessment procedures. On or about June 1 of each assessment year, the Committee holds a public hearing on the equalized assessed values of farmland proposed by the Illinois Department of Revenue and the implementation of the farmland assessment procedures proposed by the Chief County Assessment Officer. Committee members serve until a successor is appointed.