Chief County Assessment Office


Welcome to the Madison County Chief County Assessment Office homepage. The purpose of this page is to provide taxpayers with information about the services provided by our office. The Madison County Chief County Assessment Office is proud of the high quality of service provided by our department. Our goal is to serve the public with an expert and qualified staff.

Our staff can answer questions regarding the calculation of property record cards and the verification of property ownership.

We can assist those wishing to view or compare sales of properties throughout the county.

Aerial and ink-line maps are provided to view or to purchase.

Applications for all exemptions are available in the office, and our staff can provide assistance in the filling out of these forms.

For your safety and ours, we recommend using our many online access points first to conduct your business with us when possible. If you do not find your answers on our web pages, please use our Contact Us page to call or email the appropriate staff members. Or call 618-692-6270 and we will transfer you to the correct person to answer your question.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Visit our Real Estate Assessment lookup system to review information about any property in the County. There you will find information on current owners, addresses, assessments, sales, and much more.

Visit our Available Exemptions for descriptions, eligibility requirements and application forms for all of the property tax exemptions. These forms can be completed and mailed or emailed to us for your convenience.

Visit our Township Publications dates page to see when the appeals are due for your Township.

Visit our Maps & Plats page for information on splitting or combining your property as well as all things mapping.

For information on appealing your assessment, please visit the Board of Review page. 

Understanding Your Property Assessment and the Equalization Process (PDF)