Township Sleeves

Our office is proud to offer Township Section and Quarter Section file folders (Sleeves) on Compact Disk (CD) or Flash Drive. This project was designed to transform our paper copies into a digital format for archival purposes and also make it available to our customers. The files are published by Township and are in PDF format.  No special software is needed to view or print these documents. (See list below)

The information in the file is the exact content of every sleeve we maintain in our office. We had every document scanned within the sleeves and indexed by selected fields (i.e. Linen Map, Survey Plats, and Subdivision Plats…). The scanned information is current within about a month of recording and new documents are added daily. The price of each file is $25.00 and are available from Maps and Plats on a made-to-order basis. We ask that you give at least one (1) day lead-time when you place your order.  Please contact our office at 692-7040 ext. 4694 to place your order or email:

NOTE:  Our office ONLY accepts cash & check for payment.


NOTE: Files 1-23 Cost $25.00 each and please allow one (1) day for processing.

File 1 Alhambra
File 2 Alton
File 3 Chouteau & Chouteau Island (Contains Part of Granite City)
File 4 Collinsville
File 5 Edwardsville
File 6 Foster
File 7 Ft. Russell
File 8 Hamel
File 9 Godfrey
File 10 Helvetia
File 11 Jarvis
File 12 Leef
File 13 Marine
File 14 Moro
File 15 Nameoki  (Contains Part of Granite City)
File 16 New Douglas
File 17 Olive
File 18 Omphghent
File 19 Pin Oak
File 20 St. Jacob
File 21 Saline
File 22 Venice  (Contains Part of Granite City)
File 23 Wood River

NOTE: The Whole County (All 23 Township Files) is available for $400.00, a $175 savings!

Additional Files Available

Coal Mines in Madison County $25.00
Illinois State Geological Survey ISGS maps and directories of coal mines, 1983

Township Road Maps $25.00
Maps & Plats compiled township maps, revised date unknown

Sanborn Maps (Insurance Maps, Circa 1922, 1933) $25.00
Book 1: Collinsville & Edwardsville                                                                                                     
Book 2: Livingston, Highland, Troy, Wood River, Bethalto & East Alton

RailRoad Records $25.00
Rail Road Value Maps, from Rail Road Companies, Circa 1900’s

Aerial Photography (Circa 1956) $25.00
Aerial Photographs of Madison County, by Township Sections and Quarter Sections, no Parcel Lines

Aerial Photography (1972, 1983 & 1992) $25.00 each year.
Aerial Photographs of Madison County, by Map Number, no Parcel Lines                       


Revised 9/2022