GIS Data

Parcel lines are the base of the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS).  All other layers are built “On Top” of the parcel layer to graphically show different taxing districts.  These lines are primarily used for assessment purposes only, they are not survey quality.  If you need to know exactly where your property line is located, then you should contact an Illinois Registered Land Surveyor to perform a survey.  Parcel lines are the “Approximate” property line of each legal description based on recorded deeds and/or subdivision plats.  These lines depict an exact area of property so the CCAO and local Township Assessors can place a value on it. 

Technology is changing the way data is stored, retrieved, analyzed, reproduced and archived. Our office currently maintains approximately forty (40) unique data layers in ArcGIS on GIS Data Layers Maintained by CCAO page. New layers are added to our GIS whenever the need is identified.  If you would like to purchase any of our GIS Data, please contact by phone (618) 296-4690 or by email:  Pricing for our data can be found on the Geographic Spatial Data Set Agreement.

Our office has the ability to create, display and produce custom thematic maps. This technology opens up a new age in spatial analysis, map creation and map viewing in Madison County. If you need a thematic map designed for a specific purpose, contact the Maps & Plats GIS Division.

Examples include:

  • Parcel Lines
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Fire Districts
  • Junior College Districts
  • School Districts
  • Streets Maps
  • Arial Photographs

Rev. 9/2022