Attorney Subscribe Email Orders

Madison County Circuit Clerk's office is pleased to announce that we have continued to grow in the process of emailing court orders to lead attorneys.

Email delivery of orders piloted with Family Attorneys has been a huge success, therefore, effective 10/18/2022 the Clerk is expanding the services to any lead attorney on Civil and Felony cases.


If you have subscribed to receive Family order case types via email, you do not have to re-enroll. Felony and Civil (excluding Asbestos) will automatically be emailed to you.

Currently NOT included in scope of emailing orders are case types handled by our Traffic Division (Traffic, Misdemeanor, DUI or Ordinance Violation cases) and our Asbestos Division.

You may register one (1) email address for this service, and it will be used for ALL emailed court orders.

Please complete and submit the form below.