Administrative Court Orders

Local Administrative Court Orders

Entry of Appearance Requirement (Order 2004-F-9)

Guidelines for Filing Pleadings (Order 2005-F-30)

Guidelines for Filing Pleadings (Order 2005-F-17)

Real Estate Foreclosure Case Process (Order 2009-C-6)

Real Estate Foreclosure Complaints (Order 2011-C-12)

Filing Transcripts for Appeal Record (Order 2008-C-10)

Juvenile Cases - Matters of Record (Order 2010-C-5)

Failure-to-Appear Warrant Fee (Order 2011-C-1)

E-File Circuit Clerk will gradually mandate efiling before January 1, 2018 date (July 28,2017)

Supreme Court Order

M.R. 3140 Social Security Numbers in Pleadings (with Filing Forms)

M.R. 18368 Mandatory Electronic Filing in Civil Cases