All Non-Essential Court Matters And Proceedings Shall Be Continued Or Conducted Remotely Through February 1, 2021. 

All non-essential court matters and proceedings shall be continued or, where possible, conducted remotely via telephone, Zoom or other electronic means.  This order remains in effect through March 1, 2021, and may be reviewed or modified as circumstances require.   See Order.  

Essential court proceedings include the following:

  • All matters with individuals in custody, including bond hearings.
  • Summary suspension hearings, absent an agreed continuance; SSS hearings will be conducted exclusively by Zoom.
  • Emergency Petitions for Order of Protection, Stalking No Contact Orders, Civil No Contact Orders, and Firearm Surrender Orders.
  • Detention hearings for detained Juveniles
  • Shelter Care and other essential hearings for juveniles who may have been abused or neglected.
  • Mental Health hearings for involuntary commitment or treatment.
  • Emergency hearings in family matters scheduled only with the approval of the Court.
  • Any other emergency hearing scheduled and approved by the court.