Credit Card Payments

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Pay With a Credit Card

You may pay fines using credit card payment online or by phone.  To ensure that your payment is processed correctly, we recommend that you have your case number(s) available.  Use this link to search for your name and find case number(s), if you do not already have the information.

Case Type Online   Phone Number
Traffic Tickets & Court Fines Pay with No Court Appearance   866-511-2892

Felony & Misdemeanor Fines and Costs

Make Payment on Fine   866-511-2892


Payment - Copies and Other Court Fees


Selecting the wrong payment type below, will result in payment delays, extra fees and processing errors.  

If you are uncertain which Code is applicable for your Court Fees, do call 618-692-6240 for assistance.

To pay by phone, please have your CODE ready for the type of payment and call 877-222-4668.  Corresponding CODE can be found in the chart below.  Court Money hours are Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM.   You also have the option to make your payment online by clicking on the ONLINE Credit Card Link below :

Reference Form CODE Payment Description ONLINE Credit Card Link
   138502 Felony Cases - Out of County Probation Payment Felony Cases - Out Of County PROBATION
    138503 Traffic/Misdemeanor - Copies ONLY no Fines Traffic/Misdemeanor Cases  (For Copies Only)
   138504 Family Court Fees Family Cases  
   138507 Family - Annual Child Support Maintenance Fees Child Support Maintenance Fees 
   138505 Civil Court Filing Fees Civil Cases
   138506 Archives - Copies of Records Archives  (Older cases, all types)