About Madison County Court

The Third Judicial Circuit of Illinois is one of 23 circuits in which the legislature has divided the court system for administrative purposes. Each circuit is made up of 1 to 12 counties, depending upon county population. The Third Circuit is composed of Madison County and Bond County. Although the court system in both counties is administered generally by the Chief Judge of the Circuit, the Circuit Court in each county functions separately.

The Circuit Court in Madison County is staffed by eight Circuit Judges and thirteen Associate Circuit Judges.  The Circuit Court in Bond County is staffed by the Resident Circuit Judge in that county.

In addition to the Court staff, various other County officers perform vital, supporting functions. The most important of these is the Circuit Clerk who is responsible for the filing and processing of thousands of cases each year. Elected by the voters of Madison County, the Circuit Clerk also handles all of the fees, fines, and other monies that go through the courts.