Madison and Bond County Courts to Conduct Survey to Evaluate Access and Confidence in Court System

Chief Judge David A. Hylla will implement a survey that will ask court users to give input on their personal experiences with their local court system.  The term “court user” applies to all courthouse users including attorneys, visitors, litigants, students, media, and the public.

The survey will enable courts to measure and determine the quality of services provided by the court.  Such matters may include users’ views on how well they were treated; how easy they were able to obtain information; did they feel they were heard in court; and whether the end result was fair; etc.  Surveys forms will be available in both English and Spanish.

The Illinois Supreme Court authorized the survey and it was developed by the Strategic Planning Committee of the Illinois Judicial Conference, chaired by Fourth District Appellate Justice Carol Pope and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. 

Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita Garman said, “Our goal is to measure court users’ opinions and gain insight into how courts are perceived.  It is the court’s obligation to be accountable and provide justice in a fair, equitable and expeditious manner, and therefore, we look forward to the end results of this survey.  After the surveys are compiled and reviewed, we can then decide what action, if any, is necessary to improve and promote the public’s trust and confidence in the court system.”

Chief Judge Hylla added, “I am very interested in learning of any ways that we can make our courthouses in Madison and Bond counties more user friendly.  After all, the citizens who use our courts are also the taxpayers who pay for them.  Everyone who works in these buildings, including me and the rest of the judges, are public servants.  I hope we learn a lot.”