Kid's Corner

The Madison County Kid’s Corner, a facility managed by the Children First Foundation, serves families experiencing exceptional difficulty in the transfer of the children for the purpose of visitation or who require supervised visits.  These difficulties often result in exposing the child to adult conflicts (including verbal abuse, threats of violence, and violence).

Parents must be referred by court order and attend an orientation class to receive services.  The class will be required again if the couple is inactive in the program for six months.  Parents must agree to follow program rules outlined.

Program Structure

The Supervised Visitation & Exchange Center Program provides designated parking, separate entrances, and separate rooms for parents to visit or exchange their child(ren) at Madison County Kid’s Corner Wood River, IL.  Both parents are assigned specific arrival and departure times during their orientation.  Availability of slots and parent convenience are both considered in scheduling.

A one hour orientation class is required separately of each parent before enrollment is official.  This intake interview is scheduled by calling the administrative office at (618) 251-6214.  If problems develop that will affect the scheduled supervised visitation or exchanges, staff may be reached Monday – Friday 9am-noon.

What is Supervised Child Exchange?

These visits are not held at Kid’s Corner.  Only the child’s custody exchange is supervised and facilitated by staff to ensure that no contact occurs between parents.  The Fifteen Minute Rule is observed.  Documentation is available by subpoena only.

What is Supervised Visitation?

Visits are held at Kids’ Corner and are constantly monitored by staff that watch, listen, and document the entire visit.  The staff offer assistance as needed to ensure appropriate parent-child interactions.  Fifteen Minute Rule and subpoena for documentation are required.

15 Minute Rule

Non-Residential Parent:

This parent should arrive at the time assigned during orientation.  Upon arrival this parent will sign in with an arrival time.  After the child exchange happens, the parent must wait fifteen minutes in order to give the other parent time to leave the area.  Or, be escorted to supervised visitation by staff.  After an exchange or visit there is a fifteen minute wait.

Residential Parent:

This parent arrives at the assigned time with the child(ren) to supervised visitation or for an exchange.  Then, this parent leaves immediately.

If participating in a child exchange or supervised visitation this parent returns at an assigned time, signs in, and waits for staff to return their child(ren).  They are then asked to leave immediately while the non-residential parent waits fifteen minutes before leaving the building.

Child Exchanges:

  • Wednesday 4pm-7:45pm
  • Friday & Sunday 5pm-7:45pm

Supervised Visitation:

  • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the availability of the staff


101 East Edwardsville Rd Wood River, IL 62095-1369

ONLY parents or others listed on the Court Order will be allowed to visit or exchange children.  Guest are not allowed at the Kid’s Corner