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Illinois Legal Aid

ILAO provides articles, common questions and forms specifically for Illinois residents.  Type in your legal question and zip code to receive the information.

Illinois Attorney General

The Attorney General is the state’s chief legal officer and is responsible for protecting the public interest of the state and its people.  The website for the Illinois Attorney General provides information on consumer fraud and identity theft.

Illinois Bar Association

The ISBA has published a series of pamphlets and articles on various legal topics ranging from family to work issues.

Expunging or Sealing Your Record

The Illinois State Appellate Defender’s office provides information and forms for expunging or sealing your record.  Read through the instruction guide to determine which packet you need and find answers to your questions.

Illinois Compiled Statutes

The Illinois General Assembly provides the Illinois Statutes online, as well as Public Acts, and Bills and Resolutions.

Google Scholar

Locate old cases and other helpful legal information in the familiar Google format.


This website provides free articles and legal updates on a large array of topics, as well as a lawyer finder search box.  NOLO also publishes a great series of “legal do it yourself” books on varying topics.  Check them out at your local public library.

Madison County Law Library

Find forms and do research at the Madison County Law Library.  The library has public computers to access Westlaw for case law research, internet, and Microsoft Office as well as other books and series to help with your research.  The Law Library is open to the public Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30.

Madison County Circuit Clerk

The Circuit Clerk’s office files and processes all the court records in Madison County, as well as collect fines and fees.  For questions about filing or obtaining copies of a court record, please contact the clerk’s office at 618.692.6240.
Court Record Search

Court Transcripts

To obtain copies of a court transcript from a case heard in Madison County please contact the Court Reporting Supervisor, Michelle Lippoldt at 618.296.4576 or  The cost for a non-expeditated transcript ordered by a private individual is $4.00 per page for the original and $1.00 per page for each copy.

Need a Lawyer?

Madison County Bar Association

This website provides a list of attorneys that are members of the Madison County Bar Association.  The list can be limited by field of practice to help you find an attorney for your legal problem.

Illinois Bar Association

ISBA provides a list that can be searched by area of practice and county.  The Bar also provides a phone referral service at (217) 525-5927 or toll free at (800) 922-8757 that will provide a 30 minute consultation with an attorney for $25.

Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission

If you know the attorney’s name you can search this directory for office numbers and addresses as well as information concerning malpractice insurance and if any complaints have been filed.


This online directory can help you find a lawyer nationwide.  You are able to search by geographic area, area of practice, and name.  It also has peer review rating for the attorneys.  The print directory is available in the Law Library.

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation

If you cannot afford an attorney, LOLLAF may be able to represent you or answer your legal questions.  They provide assistance with housing law, family law, disability rights, and elder rights among other things.  LOLLAF can be reached toll free at (877) 342-7891.

Madison County Illinois State’s Attorney Office Child Support Division

The staff in the Child Support division at the State’s Attorney office can assist in establishing child support and retrieving back child support for children under 18, after paternity has been established.

Office of the Public Defender

If you are facing criminal charges with a possibility of incarceration and cannot afford an attorney, you may use a Public Defender free of charge.  To talk with the Madison County office call (618) 692-7474.