Orders of Protection

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Contact a legal aid provider or advocate to discuss your case and review eligibility for assistance. You may also complete the forms and proceed without their assistance.
  • Land of Lincoln Legal Aid may be able to give legal advice and represent you in Court. Information about Land of Lincoln's eligibility requirements is available at: www.linolnlegal.org  You may also contact them at 618-462-0029.
  • Oasis Women's Center may be available if you need help completing Order of Protection paperwork. Please call Oasis Women's Center for a legal advocate who can answer your questions at 618-465-1978.
  • Madison County State's Attorney's Office may be available if a criminal charge was filed. You are encouraged to contact the State's Attorney's Office at 618-692-6280. You may qualify for free representation by that office.
  • Legal Self-Help Center can assist you in locating or completing the necessary forms. The center can be reached at 618-296-4900 or lawlibrary@co.madison.il.us

Emergency Order of Protection Forms

Stalking No Contact

Civil No Contact

If you need help choosing which paperwork is right for you, please refer to the information chart attached here.

Plenary Order of Protection (attorney use only)


To assist you further, the videos linked below provide line by line directions for both the Petition for Order of Protection and Emergency Order.
Petition for Order of Protection
Emergency Order of Protection
FAQ for Order Of Protection

General Order Applicable to Orders of Protection, Stalking No Contact Orders, and Civil No Contact Orders effective January 1, 2023