Grants Committee

The Grants Committee provides oversight of the Madison County Community Development Department.   This committee reviews grant opportunities and recommends approval of grant applications, loan requests, economic development initiatives and department expenditures. The committee also oversees the County Park Enhancement Grant Program and receives recommendations from the County PEP Committee. The Grants Committee also receives recommendations and input from the Community Services Block Grant Advisory Commission as to expenditures made under this program.

The Grants Committee is comprised of ten (10) County Board members who are appointed by the County Board Chairman. The current Grants Committee is comprised of the following members:

Denise Wiehardt, Chair
Valerie Doucleff
Stacey Pace
Victor Valentine Jr.
Shawndell Williams
Bill Stoutenborough
Frank Dickerson

The Grants Committee forwards their recommendation on grants, loans and expenditures to the County Board after the Committee has had the opportunity to review all information presented to them by Community Development staff. Grants Committee meetings are scheduled for second Monday of the month at 4:00pm. Please note that periodically a meeting is canceled if there is no new business on the agenda, or postponed if the original meeting date falls on a holiday.

A schedule of upcoming Committee meetings can be found on the County Calendar or call the Department for additional information at 618-296-4299.

2024 Grants Committee Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes