Park Enhancement Program


The Madison County Park and Recreation Program is designed to assist municipalities and park and recreation districts within Madison County to develop, enhance or expand park operations and facilities.

The grant program, administered by Madison County Community Development and governed by the Park and Recreation Grant Commission, is designed to supplement community funding for park operations.

The maximum grant amount shall be determined by the population of the respective taxing district (city, village township or park district). The maximum grant amount shall be five dollars/per person based upon 2020 census data. For smaller communities a minimum grant of $15,000 will be awarded if the five dollar per person total is less than $15,000.

Eligible equipment expenditures include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pool Equipment (No chemicals)
  • Playground equipment
  • Fencing
  • Recreation equipment
  • Land acquisition
  • Esthetic improvements
  • Facility improvements
  • Multiple projects

The Park and Recreation Grant Commission consists of six members appointed by the County Board with approval of the County Board. The Commission consists of two County Board members, two representatives from municipalities and two from park districts.

PEP Program Application  

Park Enhancement Program (PEP) Application


Park and Recreation Low Interest Loan Program

Madison County Community Development administer the Capital Improvements Low Interest Loan Program which provides capital improvement financing to municipal park departments, recreation districts and governmental entities that have a portion of their budgets allocated for the development and/or administration of parks and recreation projects and programs.


Park Directory    

Park Directory for Madison and St. Clair Counties