Rent & Mortgage Assistance

Landlord List- An updated list of landlords in Madison County that may have properties available for rent.

Madison County Community Development is once again accepting ERAP applications.  MCCD will continue accepting and processing applications as long as program funds are available.

Please note that future month's rent will no longer be an option.  Applications for rental arrears and current month's rent will be the only types of rental application payments that we will process.

ERAP Income Guidelines
COVID-19 Rent & Mortgage Income Guidelines

Madison County Intake Sites to apply for Rental Assistance (2)_1_13_22
Emergency Rental Assistance- Tenant Application & Landlord Application
(The tenant & landlord application are now the same

For questions regarding an ERAP Rental Application that you have please contact at  or ERAP Utility Application please contact or call 618-296-4396. 

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