Rental Housing Support Program

The Madison County Rental Housing Support Program is funded through the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) and administered by Madison County Community Development. The program provides unit-based rental assistance for 28 properties in Madison County. Program participants pay a portion of the rent based on the IHDA Tenant Contribution Schedule. The program funds are used to pay the balance of the rent to the landlord.

Households must be at or below 30 percent of Area Median Income (AMI) with half of the units occupied by households at or below 15 percent of AMI. Targeted special needs populations include households that are homeless or imminently at risk of becoming homeless; that are now or imminently at risk of living in institutional settings because of the unavailability of suitable housing or that have one or more members with disabilities, including but not limited to physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental health condition or HIV/AIDS.

Madison County Community Development has established a list of applicants to fill the Rental Housing Support Program units based on date and time of application, size of the unit appropriate for the household and accessibility, if applicable. Notification of the opening and closing of the waiting list will be publicized in local papers and with local service agencies as necessary.

For additional information on the Madison County Rental Housing Support Program, contact David Kerr at or 618-296-4442.