Rapid Rehousing

The Madison County Rapid Re-Housing Program (RRH) provides subsidized rental housing and utilizes MCCD’s case management support.  The program facilitates the movement of approximately 20 homeless people/families from literal homelessness to permanent housing and self-sufficiency within a two-year period. 

The program provides subsidized rental housing combined with intensive case management focused on achievement of specific objectives mutually determined by the participating individual or family and the assigned case manager.  Assistance in the form of food vouchers, tuition, rent, transportation, childcare, health care, home furnishings and furniture is provided to support the individuals’ efforts to overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency.

Participants in the MCCD RRH will be required to participate in:

•          Development and execution of their individual family/personal development plan;

•          Engage in employment or educational activities with a goal of 30 hours per week;

•          Cooperate with participating service agencies;

•          Demonstrate self-motivation in meeting their needs; and 

•          Pay 10% of their gross monthly income to Madison County Community Development as rent. 

The Family Self-Sufficiency Scale is one factor in judging the success of the program.  The Family Self-Sufficiency Scale details initial status and tracks progress of important life functions such as income, employment, education, transportation, parenting/social functioning, mental health, shelter, subsistence and community integration.

All participants in the Madison County Community Development Rapid Re-Housing Program will meet the HUD definition of “homeless.”  All program participants will be required to provide income documentation.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Illinois Department of Human Services provide funding for the program.

For additional information on the Madison County Community Development Transitional Housing Program, contact David Kerr at or 618-296-4442.