Election Schedule

Debra D. Ming-Mendoza Clerk's Office

Early Voting September 26, 2024 - November 4, 2024 
Request Vote by Mail August 7, 2024 – October 31, 2024
Grace Period Registration and Voting October 9, 2024 - November 5, 2024


Even Numbered Years
General Primary: Third Tuesday in March
General Election: First Tuesday after First Monday in November
Odd Numbered Years
Consolidated Primary Last Tuesday in February (if needed)
Consolidated Election First Tuesday in April
Next Election
General Election Tuesday, November 5, 2024
Offices to be Voted on by Election:
General Primary

To be nominated To be elected

Federal Offices Delegates and Alternate Delegates to national party conventions

State Offices State Central Committeemen and Committeewomen

County Offices Precinct Committeemen 
General Election: Federal Offices
  State Offices
  County Offices
  Sanitary Districts
Consolidated Primary:
To be nominated  Municipal Offices
Consolidated Election: Municipal Offices
  Township Offices (4 year cycle)
  Village and Incorporated
  Library Trustees
  Park District Commissioners
  School Districts
  Regional Board of School Trustees