Student Ambassador Program

The student-led approach is the core of this program where student ambassadors are taught about the importance and fundamentals of voting, and then through a peer-to-peer approach, educate their classmates about the process. The program trains high school juniors and seniors to register classmates to vote and encourages them to hold non-partisan voter registration drives at their schools. Student Ambassadors are also encouraged to recruit qualifying students to serve as Student Election Judges on Election Day.

  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Receive county-wide recognition
  • Participate in civic-minded activities and play an important role in your local community
  • Earn community service hours


High school students may qualify to be an Election Judge if they:

  • Are a high school junior or senior in good standing.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.
  • Obtain written approval from principal, teacher, and parent.
  • Successfully complete the state required training session.
  • Students who will be 17 years old during a Primary Election but who will be 18 years old on a Presidential Election can register to vote and may cast ballots in both elections. Per Illinois statute (10 ILCS 5/3-6), these students also may qualify to serve as Deputy Registrars.


In each precinct, at least one judge representing each political party must be certified as having satisfactorily completed, within the preceding six months, a training course and examination for judges of election. This required course covers the duties and responsibilities of election judges and consists of at least four hours of instruction and an examination to test reading skills, ability to work with poll lists, ability to add, and knowledge of election laws governing the operation of polling places.

Student Ambassador Brochure
Student Ambassador Application