Registering a Business / Assumed Business Name

Debra D. Ming-Mendoza Clerk's Office

Click here to download the Assumed Name Certificate form (PDF). This form must be completed and signed before a Notary Public and returned to this office.

Illinois State Law requires that the Notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the county in which the Certificate is filed. Such notice shall be published once a week for three consecutive weeks.

Enclosed in the PDF is a list of newspapers in Madison County. The fees listed are for the three publications. Please advise us in which newspaper you wish to publish and we will take care of such publications for you.

Your personal check or money order for both the filing fee of $31.00 plus the publication fee can be made payable to Madison County Clerk.

GENERAL INFORMATION: All businesses, by Law, must have its names registered. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships  must file with the county clerk’s office. Registering your business name under the Assumed Business Name Act does not prevent anyone from using your business name. The only way to prevent someone from using your business name is to file as a corporation or have a trademark for your name. Check the Fees Chart for filing and publication fees and the letter for specific filing instructions.

WHO MUST FILE: Anyone conducting business in the County using a name (other than his/her own personal name, i.e. John Doe or Sally Smith) for his/her business. Note: By adding any word to your own personal name constitutes an assumed name (i.e. John Doe Company or Sally Smith Computer Service).

ZONING APPROVAL: Any new business located in an unincorporated area of Madison County needs Zoning Approval by the County’s Planning and Development department.

BUSINESS LICENSES: Check with the local city or village clerk’s office for any licensing requirements.

EMPLOYMENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Check with the Illinois Department of Revenue for specific requirements.

TAX INFORMATION: Check with the Illinois Department of Revenue for specific requirements.