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The County Clerk’s office is responsible for annually computing the property tax rates for all parcels of land within the county and the redemption of delinquent taxes as well as being the keeper of the records of tax information.

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Tax Redemption

Both Real Estate & Mobile Homes - Learn what to do if your taxes have been sold

Every year, the Madison County Treasurer holds its annual tax sale to auction off all unpaid taxes for the current year. Any questions on Tax Sale procedures and delinquent property lists should be addressed to the Madison County Treasurer.

If your unpaid taxes have been sold, the Clerk's office can provide you with an Estimate of Redemption, detailing the amount necessary to redeem (pay) your taxes and remove the threat of losing your property.

Redemption can only be made by means of cash, certified funds or money order made payable to the Madison County Clerk. Once the redemption is satisfied a receipt will be issued.

If you have delinquent taxes and fail to pay the current year’s taxes before the due date of the final installment, or if the tax buyer has petitioned the courts for a tax deed, the tax buyer who purchased your delinquent taxes can purchase the current year’s taxes and add the amount to your lien with an 12% interest penalty.

You have a period of 2 to 3 years to redeem your taxes before losing your property. Six months prior to the expiration date, deed proceedings can begin. Any costs incurred in the deed process will be added to your amount due.


Tax Extension

The Clerk’s office calculates the tax rates for each unit of government in Madison County

The levies for each local taxing body are set by their governing boards and filed with the county clerk.  Property valuations are certified to the County Clerk by the Chief County Assessment Officer.  The County Clerk tax staff calculates the tax rate (set within statutory limits by the local board for each taxing district) to each property's valuation set by the Township Assessor.  The extension of taxes is computed according to the state statute and no adjustments may be made to assessed valuations or levy rates once the values have been certified to the Clerk.  This information is sent to the County Treasurer whose office prepares and mails each tax bill.


Annexations, disconnections, dissolutions and organization of taxing districts.

Filing procedures

All Annexations, disconnections, dissolutions and organization of taxing districts ordinances not only have to be recorded with the Madison County Recorder but filed with the County Clerk.

The County Clerk requires one original ordinance accompanied with two readable maps. The Illinois Department of Revenue has specific requirements for maps of this nature.


When your property is annexed to a taxing district, you will receive the services that district provides and your tax bill will reflect that district’s rate. If your property is disconnected from a taxing district, you will no longer receive services that district provides and your tax bill will not reflect the district’s rate.


Plat of Surveys

Procedure for certifying.

To protect the property owner, the County Clerk must certify all plats. The certification states that there are NO UNPAID taxes on the property that is being subdivided. The County Clerk will check the current and delinquent tax files to verify tax payments. If all taxes are paid in full, the County Clerk will sign and affix the County Seal to the plat.

The cost is $12.00 for each request for plat certification. It is suggested to bring in the original plat for certification and make copies from that executed plat.


Tax Searches

The Clerk’s office can provide tax information for past years taxes.

When you request the amount of taxes paid for previous years, there are two options:

  1. You can come to our office and search the computer for the taxes paid, or;
  2. You can tell us the parcel number and we will provide an estimate of redemption.  We will send the estimate to you by e-mail, fax or US mail on the same day for individual requests.

For Institutions, we can provide a delinquent tax file for $25.  This file is easily imported into a spreadsheet or database.  For more information or to request a file please call 618-692-6290 or e-mail us:


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