Deputy Coroner Requirements

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As Coroner, I am often asked what qualifications are required to be a full time death scene investigator for this office. There is no standard requirement in the State of Illinois. It is up to each Coroner to determine qualifications for his or her county.

If you wish to be considered for employment as a Madison County deputy coroner investigator, you must be a U.S. citizen, a Madison County resident within 6 months of hire, minimum 21 years of age, possess a valid driver's license, have a clean police record, high school diploma or GED and possess an Associates Degree in law enforcement, nursing or related field and/or 3 years experience in medical technology, emergency medical service, law enforcement, fire service, nursing, or field employment in a medico legal investigative office.

If you submit an application, you should be prepared for the following to be considered for employment:

  1. Pass an extensive background check into your character, including but not limited to, criminal history check, personal references, independent references, prior work history, educational history, health issues and financial reports.

  2. Pass an oral interview before a two or three member panel.

  3. Pass a written test that focuses on your ability to compose a report that illustrates proper grammar, sentence structure and correct spelling.

  4. Pass a polygraph (lie-detector) test concerning prior illegal drug usage and other criminal activity.

  5. Pass a psychological evaluation and written test.

  6. Pass a physical agility test.

  7. Pass a drug screen test.

All of the above-listed requirements must be met before being considered for employment. If you feel you are qualified, you can pick up an application in person at the Madison County Administration Building located at 157 Main Street in Edwardsville, Illinois or call the Coroner's Office at (618) 692-7478 or email your request to and one will be sent to you.

There is no residency requirement to apply for the position but you must become a resident of Madison County, Illinois within six months of being hired.