Young Adults

Youth Services
High School Early Leavers, ages 17-24 may have the opportunity to earn their GED by taking on-line classes.  Our program is funded through WIOA and the Department of Labor

Having trouble looking for a job?

Whether you are looking to work part-time, full-time or even looking for an internship, every workNet Center location has the resources to help you find a job in your field of interest. 

SIUE's Online Career Development Center is another valuable resource with links to career information.

Whether you are looking for a way to serve your country or just looking for a way to help pay for college, visit links to Military sites regarding recruitment.

Working is a great way to gain experience, build a network of professional alliances, and explore different career options.  

It is important to choose a position that intersects with your personal goals and interests, while giving you room to build upon and learn new skills.

MCETD provides eligible young adults the opportunity to participate in work experiences with public and private sector employers, thus allowing youth to gain valuable work skills they will carry forward in their future careers.

Career specialist are on hand in each office to assist and offer guidance in developing a career plan.
Paying for college can be tough. The Madison County Employment and Training Department offers tuition assistance to pay for approved certificate and degree programs within the local area.

Career Specialists are available to screen each applicant to determine if he/she will meet the eligibility requirements to participate. More information is provided under WIOA Training.

While college isn’t necessary to accomplish your dreams, it sure does make it a lot easier. If you go to college, you have more potential to be financially stable, so that you may conquer your dreams. Do you wish to start a business? To own a home? Travel the world? Whatever your dream is, it requires money and college may be your key to achieving it. Besides the money, college offers so many opportunities for memorable experiences, lifelong friendships, and self-discovery.

There are some 18 colleges and universities in the Southwestern Illinois / Metro East Region. 

Is there one that is right for you?