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The Madison County Health Department is the entity certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health to undertake the planning and implementation of a community health program designed to address the priority community health needs of Madison County residents.  The Department provides a core of services in the areas of potable water supplies, food protection, infectious disease control and community health education.  Other programs are instituted as local needs are identified and resources to support addressing those needs are found.


Healthy choices, people and places.  Healthy Madison County.

Our mission is to promote, protect, and assure conditions for optimal health through leadership, partnership, prevention and response. 

We believe in...

  • Being sensitive to cultural factors influencing health
  • Encouraging employees to pursue personal and professional growth
  • Delivering high quality services
  • Identifying and minimizing health disparities
  • Maintaining a qualified work force dedicated to fulfilling their roles
  • Providing programs necessary to promote and protect community
  • Sustaining partnerships and maintaining community collaborations       
Advisory Committee Board of Health Board of Health Training HIPAA


Madison County Health Department was established by County Board resolution in August 1994. The resolution provided for the formation of a local health department to provide services to all of Madison County. The former tuberculosis tax is now a public health tax and partially funds the department. The department was first certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health in June 1996.

In August 2002, the Madison County Health Department was relocated from 2119 Troy Rd., Edwardsville, to the former Wood River Township Hospital at 101 E. Edwardsville Rd., Wood River, Illinois.

On June 28, 2006, the Madison County Health Department hosted an Open House to celebrate its first ten years of service.


Madison County Annual Reports by County Fiscal Year (December 1st - November 30th)

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Madison County Health Department conducted a Strategic Planning Process and set 4 Strategic Issues to address over the next 5 years which include:

  • Resource Development - Strengthen Workforce and Financial Structure
  • Reduce Health Disparities
  • Improve Quality & Outcomes of Programs and Services
  • Assure IPLAN Implementation

To view the entire Madison County Health Department Strategic Plan, click on this link.

Madison County Health Department Strategic Plan 2011-2016