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Emergency Response Closed POD Initiative

Madison County Health Department is responsible for effectively distributing available medical countermeasures that are received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to the community during a public health emergency.  

In order to effectively distribute the SNS to the entire Madison County population, Point of Dispensing (POD) sites will be utilized.  PODs are temporary locations where large amounts of medication are handed out or vaccinations are given in response to a public health emergency. 

There are two different types of PODs; open and closed.  

Open Points of Dispensing

Open PODs are open to the public and are operated by a local health department.  The locations are predetermined by the health department and will be announced during the time of a public health emergency. 

Closed Points of Dispensing

Closed PODs are NOT open to the public.  They serve a specific population at a specific location.  Closed PODs are operated by a private organization or business and typically dispense to their employees and their immediate family members.  Closed PODs are in partnership with the health department and follow the guidelines established by MCHD. 

Steps to becoming a Community Closed POD Partner:

  1. Communicate your interest to Madison County Health Department
  2. Enroll in our Closed POD Initiative by establishing an MOU
  3. Attend scheduled MCHD trainings
  4. Create a medication dispensing plan.

The health department recognizes that we will need to prepare organizations for their responsibilities.  We will collaborate, together, through the various steps of becoming a Closed POD partner. 


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