Food Service Permits & Inspections

FOOD SANITATION PROGRAMFood Service Permits & Inspections

The goal of the Food Sanitation Program is to protect citizens from contracting and transmitting foodborne diseases and to educate food service operators and consumers about safe food handling practices.

Routine inspections are unannounced and based upon the food handling activities of each establishment. Category 1 receives 3 inspections per year, Category 2 receives 2 inspections per year, and Category 3 receives 1 inspection per year.

Complaints are investigated within seven working days. Foodborne illness, fire, and other disaster investigations are conducted immediately.  Consultations and in-services are provided upon request. Plan reviews are conducted within ten working days after proper information is submitted to the department.

Food Inspections Food Inspections

Madison County's Public Health Inspection reports of its food service establishments

PLan Review Information Plan Review Information

Before a health permit is issued, every new or extensively remodeled facility must undergo a plan review process.

Temporary Food Service Establishment (6) Temporary Food Service Establishment

A food establishment that operates at a fixed location for a period of time not more than 14 consecutive days in correlation with an event.

Cottage Food Operation Cottage Food Operation

Direct-to-customer home-based food businesses must register with the county health department the home is located. Cottage food businesses located in Madison County, must register with Madison County Health Department.

Food Handler Training

Food Manager  & Other Food Sanitation Training / Information
Any food employee working in Illinois, must have either a valid Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC) or food handler certification.