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  • Target Audience: Children or adults with known or suspected genetic conditions, children with developmental delays, families and caretakers of children who die unexpectedly, and infants who fail newborn screenings
  • For more information, call (618) 692-8954 ext. 2, or Lauren Jacobs, RN at (618) 296-6062.


The genetics program is designed to make the public aware of genetic disorders through education of individuals and communities. The nurse provides education to health care providers and clinics throughout the county to help identify genetic conditions. The nurse also provides education, referrals, and emotional support to families and caretakers of individuals diagnosed with a genetic disorder. The nurse works closely with physicians to assure appropriate treatment and referrals are made for children who fail newborn screenings.

For infants who die unexpectedly, the nurse makes a home visit to the family and/or the caretaker of the infant to provide emotional support and referrals to agencies for group support and grieving assistance. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) support groups are a beneficial resource for many families.


Provides individuals with education, referrals to appropriate providers, and emotional support for genetic disorders. Emotional support is provided for families and caretakers of infants who die unexpectedly and for families grieving the loss of an infant from sudden infant death syndrome.

Video: Safe Infant Sleep for Grandparents and Other Trusted Caregivers  (1:00 minute)

Clinic is located at:
101 East Edwardsville Road
Wood River, IL 62095
(618) 692-8954 ext. 2