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Kids Environmental Programs

Madison County Health Department offers presentations on a wide variety of topics for kids of all ages.  The topics include food safety, handwashing, radon, vector, and ground water protection.  For more information please call (618) 296-6079. 


To increase awareness of the effects of radon, Madison County Health Department provides an in-service presentation upon request regarding radon gas, testing, and mitigation. 

For more information, call (618) 296-6079.

Clean Hands, Healthy Bodies

"Clean Hands, Healthy Bodies" targets third and fourth graders to demonstrate how to properly wash hands. All schools are invited to participate.

To schedule a presentation, call (618) 650-7050.

Clean Hands, Healthy Kids

"Clean Hands, Healthy Kids" is a five-day curriculum for day care centers that is loaned from the MCHD on a two-week basis. The kit includes a portable Glitterbug light and training booklet.

For more information, call (618) 296-6079.

Food Safety

Food safety is a high priority at Madison County Health Department.  Education is key to prevention of illness.  Food safety presentations are available for school age children upon request.  Presentations will focus on the basics of food safety, causes of illness, and prevention. 

For more information, call (618) 296-6079.


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