Community Health Needs Assessment, Priorities, and Plan

2021-2026 Madison County Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Plan

On June 6, 2021, Madison County Health Department was re-certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health to continue operations as a local public health department.  This re-certification process is required by state law every 5 years.  As part of this process, Illinois health departments are required to lead a process of community health assessment, identification of health priorities for the next 5 years for the entire county to address, and the development of a community health plan for the priorities with a high level of community involvement.  This process is known as the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN).  This is the current Madison County IPLAN for 2021-2026.

IPLAN is a living document of community health needs and a plan to meet those needs as developed by the community with a process lead by the local health department. Section 600.400 of the Illinois Administrative Code requires local health departments (LHD’s) in Illinois to complete a community health needs assessment and health plan to fulfill the provisions for certification at least every five years.

The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) landmark report, The Future of Public Health, recommends a renewal of efforts from all corners of society to address the mission of public health. The report reaffirmed local public health agencies as “the final delivery point for all public health efforts” and called for “policy development and leadership that foster local involvement and a sense of ownership, that emphasize local needs, and that advocate equitable distribution of public health resources and complementary private activities commensurate with community needs.” The Madison County Community Health Plan is a response to the IOM’s recommendation and provides the methodology to achieve a healthier community.

The Madison County Community Health Plan addresses the priority health issues of Mental Health, Substance Use, and Access to Care which were identified in the Madison County Community Health Needs Assessment. It is the result of the cumulative efforts of health professional, health agencies, citizens, and health department representatives. The Community Health Plan establishes objectives and intervention strategies that will impact positively on the health of the community. The Madison County Health Department utilizes the plan to develop programs designed to address the identified priorities and community perceptions.

Copies of the Madison County Needs Assessment and Madison County Community Health Plan can be downloaded by clicking here   For more information email the IPLAN webmaster. The IPLAN Web site is

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