Road Maintenance

Road Maintainence

NOT all roads within Madison County are maintained by Madison County. Roads are maintained by the County, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), townships or incorporated towns, or by a private entity, County responsibilities include pavement maintenance, vegetation control, snow removal and debris pickup.

County Streets_Roads County Streets/Roads
County roads are any public road located outside the jurisdiction of the various cities in the county and that are not part of the state system.
State maintained highways State Maintained Highways
The state highway system includes any numbered road such as I-255, I-270, Route 3, etc. . The state is also responsible for the traffic signals along these highways and overpasses.
Municipal maintained roads Municipal Maintained Roads (PDF attached)
Streets within municipalities are typically maintained by the incorporated community or by the local townships. View the current municipalities that conduct their own maintenance.
Township Maintained Roads Township Maintained Roads (PDF attached)
Roads located outside the jurisdiction of county, state and municipalities are township roads.


CONSTRUCTION - Staunton Road
Location: Staunton Road
Taylor Lake Drive to 300' N of Oakland Drive
Type of Construction: Roadway Reconstruction
Duration: Mar 2024 thru Nov 2024


Location: Lebanon Road
1,000' S of Lockmann Road to 400 feet W of Arnotti Lane
Type of Construction: Road Improvements & Bridge Construction
Duration: Feb 2024 thru Nov 2025

CLOSURES - Engelke Bridge

Location: 1.7 Miles East of Alhambra Road 
Silver Creek Road
Type of Construction: Bridge Replacement
Duration: Jan 2, 2024 thru May 2024