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Geographic Information System - Spatial Data Set Pricing and Agreement


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Madison County's GIS Data Sets Available to the Public & Private Sectors

Dave Parizon, Manager GIS and Programming
Madison County Administration Building
157 North Main Street Suite 29
Edwardsville, IL. 62025
(618) 296-4555

Joseph R. Dauderman, Chief County Assessor
Angie Engelke, Supervisor of Maps & Plats

Madison County Administration Building
157 North Main Street Suite 29
Edwardsville, IL. 62025
(618) 296-4586

Madison County has been developing a Geographic Information System that will be utilized by several of the county offices. During the development of the GIS, several GIS data sets have been developed to support the GIS needs of Madison County.

(Descriptions for all GIS data sets are attached in the PDF Data Set Agreement.)

The Madison County GIS uses Arc/INFO and ArcView GIS software from Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). Therefore these GIS data sets are in file formats that are used by these GIS software packages. All of the GIS data sets are registered to the State Plane Coordinate system (Illinois, west zone). The GIS data sets will be by a predetermined 5,000' X 5,000' square tile for which the county has already had established.

GIS Spatial Data Sets   Cost per Tile Updates
Parcel Shape File
* includes Planimetric Data, Tax Parcel Data and Street Centerline Data
  $10.00 or
$2,500.00 for all
Contours   $5.00 or
$100.00 for all
Municipal Boundaries   $100.00 (all county) $10.00
Digital Orthophotography (Most Current Year)   $35.00 or $400.00 for all N/A
Digital Orthophotography (Previous Years)   $100.00 N/A
Compressed Digital Orthophotography (MrSid 10:1) LiDar (X, Y, Z Coordinates)   $30.00 N/A
Note: Prices subject to change without notice
Setup and processing is FREE per order.  Ordered sets can be emailed or downloaded from FTP site depending on size of order and media capabilities.  912 tiles make up the whole County.

Geographic Spatial Data Set Agreement (PDF)