Excuse from Service

May I request an excuse from jury service?

Prospective jurors may be excused if they have a physical or mental disability that would prevent them from serving.  The prospective jurors may be required to provide a doctor’s note verifying their disability. They may also be excused if they are a sole care giver and alternate arrangements are not feasible, if they are unable to read or understand the English language, or if they are a member of the active military service.  Each request is individually reviewed by the Jury Commission.   Potential jurors are encouraged to express their requests truthfully and to the best of their knowledge.  Failure to do so is against the law.   Jury service is a citizen’s civic duty and responsibility.

I am unable to judge anyone because of my moral or religious beliefs. May I be excused?

Illinois law does not provide for an excuse from jury service for moral or religious beliefs. You are still required to appear for jury service. During the voir dire, the trial judge will decide.

I know that I will not be selected to be on a jury because of my career, my relatives and or my friends. May I be excused?

You are still required to report for jury service. A trial judge will decide if you should be excused.