Work Issues

Are employers required to pay employees while on jury service?

No. An employer is NOT required by law to pay employees who are on jury service. However, many employers do. You need to check with your company’s human resources department before serving to see if your company pays your salary for days you are a juror. If you DO receive your salary, your company may require a letter of attendance from the Jury Commission. These letters will be given at the end of your jury service.

How soon after jury service will I receive my juror pay?

Jurors will be paid $25.00 for their first day of service and $50.00 per day for each day thereafter.  A request may be made for reimbursement for child care service and will be determined on an individual basis. 

Does my employer have the right to terminate or penalize me for performing my right as a juror?

No. Illinois law prohibits an employer from terminating or otherwise penalizing an employee because he or she serves as a juror.