System Development Request Guidelines


System Development Funds

System Development dollars are used to assist with various mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities educational activities, trainings, and events.  System Development funding priorities are based on current needs in the community and are established in the Madison County Mental Health Board One & Three Year Plan; with events for and/or developed by consumers having most priority.      

**Requests for funding should be made well in advance of actual event – the Mental Health Board is to be listed on all materials that are for the public, including flyers, any advertising, registration forms, save the date cards, etc. Last minute requests for funding will not be considered.**

Process for Requesting Funds

Requests for funding require approval by the Mental Health Board at regularly scheduled Board meetings.  Meetings are held seven times a year, although, financial requests are not heard at the September planning meeting.  Please refer to the Board website for the calendar of meetings at   To ensure timely receipt of funding, applicants should request funding several months in advance of actual need. 

Required Components of a System Development Request:
Request letter sent to Board office on agency letterhead which includes:

  1. Narrative of problem being addressed/purpose of funding request
  2. Amount of request
  3. Name & address of fiscal agent with address & tax identification number
  4. Program Budget which includes all anticipated expense and revenue sources & amounts  for the event/program
  5. **Until the items listed above are received by the Mental Health Board Office, the request cannot be placed on the meeting agenda.
  6. Attendance at the Mental Health Board meeting where request will be heard is MANDATORY.  Should a representative not be present at the scheduled full Board meeting, the request will be tabled until such a time that a representative is present to answer any question the Board members may have.

Following Funding Approval of request:

  • The Mental Health Board is to be listed as a funder/sponsor on all program materials/handouts/press releases/media coverage. 
  • A System Development / Community Education Grant form must be completed at the conclusion of the event and returned to Board Office within two weeks and can be found on the Mental Health Board website at
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines could limit future funding considerations.

Additionally, we encourage organizations to send any supplemental materials such as photos or event evaluations along with the system development reporting form at the conclusion of the event.  Supplemental materials may be included in reporting documents of the Board.  Form and materials should be sent to:

Madison County Mental Health Board
157 N. Main Street, Suite 380
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Requests for funds may be submitted by mail or email:

Mailing Address:
Madison County Mental Health Board
157 N. Main Street, Suite 380
Edwardsville, IL  62025