According to the authority contained in the Community Mental Health Act, ILCS, Chapter 405, Act 20, Section 0.1, et. seq., funds allocated by the MHB shall be for mental health, substance use services, and intellectual and or developmental disability, and as defined by the local community mental health board.

Furthermore, the mission of the Madison County Mental Health Board is to assure the availability of a comprehensive system of community mental health services for residents of Madison County who are affected by mental illness, intellectual and or developmental disabilities, or substance use.

In keeping with the Community Mental Health Act and the mission of the Mental Health Board, funding is made available for programs and services annually. Local service providers who meet eligibility criteria and funding requirements may apply for annual funding through the submission of an on-line application. The funding application announcement is posted annually on the Mental Health Board Website with additional instructions for submission. The Mental Health Board’s eligibility criteria and funding information and requirements for submission are as follows:

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Service Area
    1. The service area of the Madison County Mental Health Board (MCMHB), following the Act, shall be all of Madison County, IL                                        
    2. Following the Act, the MCMHB will use Madison County tax funds to purchase services for Madison County residents.  
            2.  Eligibility Requirements
    1. Applicants-Who may apply for MCMHB funding?
Applicants who provide mental health, intellectual and or developmental disability, or substance use disorder services to residents of Madison County.

    b.  Business Structure

    Any of the following business structures: 

      • An Individual (including single-member Limited Liability Company)
      • Not-for-profit corporations: must be registered as a not-for-profit, in good standing with the State of Illinois, and established as a Section 501(c) 3 under the Internal Revenue Code 
      • For-Profit-Corporations
      • Governmental Entities and Departments of Madison County Government 
                      c.  Eligibility Criteria

All applicants that meet the afore-mentioned status and the following: 
Required criteria are eligible to receive MCMHB funds.               

      • Operate sound business practices for a minimum of two years before being eligible to apply for funding, exceptions to be preapproved by the MCMHB.  
      • Exhibit financial accountability, reliability, stability, and appropriate service of value to persons served by the MCMHB.
      • Make evident the capability of service, fiscal, and administration performance
      • Demonstrate that it has a professional staff with the academic certification, state licensure, and appropriate experience.

Funding Information & Requirements

  1. This award is funding from local tax levied dollars
  2. All funding is subject to appropriation by Madison County Government
  3. The Mental Health Board anticipates both renewal and or new grants under this funding notice based on the availability of funds for grants under this funding announcement.
  4. Subject to appropriation, the grant period will begin execution of the agreement but in no case prior to the month of December and will continue through November of the respective funding year.
  5. Successful providers may be eligible to receive subsequent one-year grant awards.
  6. Funding allocated under this grant is intended to provide direct services to children, adolescents, adults, and senior adults with a mental health disorder, substance use disorder, or intellectual or developmental disability.

Contact Information

For additional inquiries contact:
Deborah Humphrey, Executive Director, 618-296-4358 or