The purpose of this booklet is to provide direction on common inquiries received by the Building & Zoning Department for unincorporated Madison County. The material contained herein constitutes general guidelines and information only and does not supplement, modify, or replace any applicable laws including, but not limited to, Madison County’s ordinances, rules, and regulations.

About Us:
The Building & Zoning Department provides a wide range of services to the residents, businesses, and local governments of Madison County. This includes planning, zoning administration, building permits and inspections, subdivision review, site development, and code enforcement. Unlike traditional planning organizations, the department also oversees stormwater management, landfill inspections, sewer permits and inspections, sustainability and recycling, and license investigations. The department also staffs the Stormwater Management Commission to oversee the development of the Stormwater Management Plan and has partnered with the Village of Glen Carbon and the City of Edwardsville to provide assistance in the development of the I-55 Corridor Plan.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Madison County Building & Zoning Department is to provide professional advice and technical expertise for the effective planning, design, and management of development within Madison County and to oversee the implementation of the county’s long-range master plan; to plan for future growth; to manage the environmental resources of Madison County and to focus on the long term commitment of economic and environmental quality for the citizens of Madison County.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Madison County Building & Zoning Department at: (618)296-4468 or zoning@co.madison.il.us.