I-55 Corridor Plan

Adopted I-55 Development Code

The following is the I-55 Development Code that was adopted by the City of Edwardsville:

I-55 Development Code - Edwardsville Version (Link is 25mb PDF, may take additional time to load)

Madison County and Glen Carbon adopted the following version of the I-55 code:

Title Page (Revised November 6, 2015)

Table of Contents

Article 1: General Provisions

Article 2: Regulatory Plan

Article 3: Development Regulations

Article 4: Planned Unit Development

Article 5: Land Uses

Article 6: Street Design Standards

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 Cheif Assessor Memo on
Assessed Value (8-21-15)
Staff Memo to Edwardsville
Planning Commission 8-13-15
Memo 1: Demographics
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Memo 2: Development Trends Memo 3: Future Housing Demand Memo 4: Code & Map Revisions
Development Trends Thumbnail  Future Housing Depand Code and Map Revisions
  I-55 Corridor District Map
Revised July 13, 2015
Memo 5: Next Steps HBA Support Letter (6-15-15)  
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I-55 Corridor Timeline I-55 Corridor Q&A (6-10-15) Draft I-55 Code Revisions
March 2, 2015 
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I-55 Corridor Plan

Beginning in 2003, Madison County, the City of Edwardsville, and the Village of Glen Carbon partnered to develop a plan for the I-55 corridor in anticipation of future growth in the area along I-55 east of Glen Carbon and Edwardsville municipal boundaries. The planning area is roughly from the eastern corporate limits of Edwardsville and Glen Carbon to Silver Creek at its eastern boundary and from I-270/I-70 to the south to Fruit Road to the north.

The plan makes recommendations for the future land use of properties within the planning area and provides a basis for the general character of development. These recommendations are used to guide land development decisions as the area is built-out. After a 3-year planning process, the plan was adopted by each community in 2006.

I-55 Corridor Plan, adopted in 2006

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