IEPA/Solid Waste/Landfills - Permits, Inspections & Complaints

The Building & Zoning Department oversees the County's Solid Waste Program, including landfill inspections and open dumping investigations.  The Illinois EPA has delegated its authority for inspection, investigation, and enforcement, to Madison County.  This partnership, which originally began in 1986, has been renewed every five (5) years and is coordinated with the County's five-year solid waste plan.

Landfill Inspections
Madison County inspectors have completed more than 5,000 inspections since our partnership with the Illinois EPA began 30 years ago.  Three (3) staff are IEPA Certified Inspectors and monitor open landfills, closed landfills, waste transfer stations, construction demolition debris transfer stations, and industrial landfills.  Inspections are made to ensure compliance of these sites with the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

Open Dumping Investigations
As part of its delegated obligations, Madison County inspectors also investigate complaints of open dumping throughout the county.

Waste Hauler Permits
Madison County requires all waste hauling, recycling collection, and landscape waste trucks that collect waste from a Madison County site or dispose of waste in a Madison County Landfill to obtain a yearly permit.  Permits are good through June 30 and must be renewed prior to hauling waste to the landfill.  Permit stickers must be affixed to the left side of the windshield of all vehicles.  the permit fee is $60 per truck.  Failure to display a current sticker clearly in the window of the truck may result in a fine being levied against the truck owner.  In addition, trucks are regularly checked at the landfill and are subject to refusal.

The County's Residential Recycling Ordinance also requires haulers of waste from residential dwellings to provide a material separation plan demonstrating compliance with the recycling ordinance.  The issuance of a waste hauler permit may be withheld until compliance with the recycling ordinance is achieved.

Please note that municipal-owned trucks are required to obtain a sticker, but the fee is waived for municipal vehicles.

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