Mobile Home Parks/License Investigation

The License Investigator is responsible for enforcing the terms of the Madison County Liquor License Ordinance, the Mobile Home Park Control Ordinance, Fireworks Ordinance and Amusement Licenses.  The License Investigator supports the County Board License Committee (Public Safety Committee) and the Madison County Liquor Commissioner.

License Investigation includes but is not limited to:

Administering and enforcing the Madison County Mobile Home Park Code, by inspecting Mobile Home parks for violations of the building, zoning and other health and safety codes.

Administration of the County's Amusement License Code.

Administration and enforcement of the County's Liquor Licensing Codes and ordinance, including inspection and monitoring of complaints.

Collection and monitoring of all delinquent licensing fees.

Administration and enforcement of the County's Fireworks Ordinance.

Coordination with public safety agencies in the enforcement of codes.

*To submit a complaint or general inquiry, please call (618)296-4468 or email at*

For additional inquiries:

Tammy Darr, License Investigator 
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4620
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