Staff Contact Info

Our offices are located within the Madison County Administration Building located in downtown Edwardsville. There is a public parking lot located behind the Administration Building on North Second Street.

Building & Zoning Department
157 N. Main Street, Suite 254
Edwardsville, Illinois
Phone: (618) 296-4468

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Building & Zoning Department Office Directory

Chris Doucleff, Department Administrator
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4663
Email Address:

Scott Rose, Development Coordinator

Office Phone:  (618) 296-4667
Email Address:

Jen Hurley, Zoning Coordinator
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4662
Email Address:

Brandon Banks, Resource Management Coordinator
Office Phone: (618) 296-5237
Email Address:

Lisa Rogers, Green Schools Coordinator
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4606
Email Address:

Marc Hohlt, Stormwater Coordinator
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4665
Email Address:

Jeff Ruyle, Lead Building Inspector
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4664
Email Address:

Jeff Walker, Building Inspector
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4668
Email Address:

Gilbert Moses, Plumbing Inspector
Phone: (618) 296-4659

Rhonda Niles, IEPA Inspector/Landfills/Private Sewage
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4565
Email Address:

Chana Hogan, IEPA Inspector/Demos/Landfills
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4660
Email Address:

Cheyenne Novack, Zoning Inspector
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4669
Email Address:

Tammy Darr, License Investigator 
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4620
Email Address:

Debbie Norton, Lead Program Clerk
Office Phone:  (618) 296-5477
Email Address:

Kelli Smith, Court Clerk/Secretary
Office Phone: (618) 296-4616
Email Address:

Mira Rust, Secretary I
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4408
Email Address:

Jessica Klingelhoefer, Secretary I
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4983
Email Address: