Stormwater Program

Madison County’s Stormwater Management Program consists of the following activities:

MS4 Program

Stormwater Management & Watershed Planning

Floodplain Management

Flooding & Drainage Complaints

Public Education & Outreach

The Stormwater Management Program is staffed by the Stormwater Coordinator with assistance from other Building & Zoning Department programs and Madison County departments, including the Highway Department and Emergency Management.  Planning staff also works closely with the Madison County Soil & Water District in regard to watershed planning issues and the enforcement of NPDES permits.  

BMP Opprtunities for Landowners of Madison County
Indian-Cahokia Creek Watershed and Canteen- Cahokia Creek Watershed 319 Grant

If you are a landowner for agruculture, buisness or residential housing; there is still an opportunity to take advantage of the cost-share match for the 319 Grant BMP Implementation.
Please click on the links below to determine if you are within the watershed limits to be considered for BMP Funding

Indian-Cahokia Creek Watershed Map   
Indian Cahokia Creek Financial Assistance Program

Canteen-Cahokia Creek Watershed Map
Canteen-Cahokia Creek Press Release

319 Grants and Non-Point Source Pollution

For questions or concerns regarding these opportunities; please feel free to reach out to:
Gabrielle B. Reed 
Madison County Stormwater Coordinator 
Phone: (618)296-4665 
157 N. Main Street, Suite 254 
Edwardsville, IL 62025