Zoning & Property Maintenance

The Building & Zoning Department is responsible for property-related code enforcement in unincorporated Madison County.  Madison County inspectors regularly receive complaints for potential code violations, which begins the code enforcement process.  The inspector will log the complaint, visit the site, and determine if a violation exists.  If a violation is present, the inspector will contact the property owner and send a violation notice requesting corrective action.  If the property owner fails to address the violations within the adjudication hearing cycle, the matter will be forwarded to the administrative judge for review.  

*To submit a complaint or general inquiry, please call (618)296-4468 or email  zoning@madisoncountyil.gov*

For additional inquiries:

Cheyenne Novack, Zoning Inspector
Office Phone:  (618) 296-4669
Email Address:  cmnovack@madisoncountyil.gov