Probation & Court Services

Friends or relatives are not allowed in the office with you and should remain outside or in their vehicle.  Social distancing is required at all times while in the building.

For all other reporting instructions or probation related questions, please contact your assigned probation officer at (618) 692-6255 (Administration Building), (618) 296-6130 (Hillsboro), or (618) 692-8961 (Criminal Justice Center)


The Probation and Court Services office serves to help defendants successfully complete their probationary periods as prescribed by the court and to supervise children who are made wards of the court. The major functions of this Office include:

  • Supervise adults and juveniles during probationary period determined by the court.
  • Investigate the social background of defendants appearing before court prior to sentencing.
  • Notify the court of any previous convictions of crimes or probation violations.
  • Aid the defendant in rehabilitating himself and re integrating himself into the social mainstream.
  • Maintain accurate records of all cases under their charge.