Public Defender

The Public Defender's office is open during regular business hours (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM). The courts in Madison County are re-opening with some changes. If you receive a notice to appear in court from either the clerk or the this office,  CALL the Public Defender Office at (618) 692-7474 to verify your court date, time to appear and location. 

Telephone consultations with your assigned Public Defender is encouraged. If you have general questions about your case or need to talk about your own case, call your assigned attorney. In-person office visits with the attorneys, investigator and client advocate are by advance appointment only.

The Office of the Public Defender provides legal representation to any persons charged with criminal offense where incarceration is a possibility and who is unable to retain a private attorney. The main functions of this office include.

  • Provision of attorney services, without fees, before any court within the County for persons held in custody.
  • Prepare and file monthly reports to the County Board and Circuit Clerk on the services rendered.